“Vertigo” U.S. One Sheet

One Sheets



Okay, so let’s get the obvious question out of the way.  Is this one sheet from the original 1958 theatrical run?  The answer is no, it is not.  This one sheet is from the 1996 theatrical re-release, and while it is every bit as impressive as the original, it is also much, much easier on the wallet.

To be honest, “Vertigo” is not one of my favorite Hitchcock films.  Sure, it definitely stands on its own two legs and is a fine movie, but I’ve never found it to be as engaging as “Psycho” or “The Birds” (others will disagree, but its my personal opinion only).  One thing I will agree upon though is that the poster artwork designed by the legendary Saul Bass is second to none and is arguably one of the best Hitchcock posters of all time.

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