New Movie Poster Frames!



Since this is the first of hopefully many blog posts to come regarding movie posters and related topics, I thought the following would be an appropriate starter.

My wife and I have lived in our current home for a number of years now, but only recently did I rediscover my teenage-era hobby of collecting movie poster one sheets.  If you collect such gorgeous works of art as movie posters, naturally it makes sense to display them.

So one day, I was tossing around the topic of prominently displaying a poster somewhere around the house.  Initially, I had considered an open wall upstairs just outside our office, but instead my wife suggested the wall space just above our small wine bar in the kitchen.  Talk about figuratively moving from the lobby into the main room!  I immediately gave her a big hug and pounced on the idea.

Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get better, she looked at the newly proposed wall, glanced around the immediate area and suggested that we put a SECOND poster nearby, just over the left edge of our couch in the family room.  Um…uh…gee…whoa!  Not just one, but TWO movie posters to be prominently displayed in the main part of the house?  Heck yeah!  A very big thank you to my wife for her suggestions.  She really is my better half!

The photos in this post are the end result.  Both are U.S. one sheets from the original theatrical releases in the 1980s and feature artwork by Drew Struzan.  Every time I pass by I can’t help, but stop and stare for a moment or two.  Wow, I mean, wow!  Collecting AND displaying movie posters, owning the art and visibly appreciating it at the same time.  Talk about having the best of both worlds!

P.S.  My wife took a look at another wall in our family room and casually mentioned that it might make sense to have a THIRD framed poster on the wall to balance out the other one over the couch.  Fingers crossed!

Copyright Notice:  The artwork and poster designs featured are copyright of the relevant studios or artists and are displayed on this website for non-commercial purposes only.


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